Factors Affecting Health Behaviors in Mexican Immigrant Households

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Mai 2008



Relatively few studies have been conducted which focus on the Mexican immigrant population residing within the zones which follow all along the U.S.-Mexican border that analyzes how on a family level each head of household negotiates and implements the healthcare strategies for their families based on their social context. In a system where the formulation of explicit rationing policies are focused on unequal distribution of limited healthcare resources across the population, the essence of illness and it's diversified social context among Mexican immigrants is largely suppressed. This case study is an analysis on how the intersection of micro and macro level forces shapes individual decisions and behaviors involving health among Mexican immigrant families. Although difficult to isolate and categorize, this book seeks to identify the various elements of individual agency, and the social factors that have a direct influence on not only how each Mexican immigrant family implements their healthcare seeking strategies and practices, but upon closer look, how it leads to separate and distinct individual behaviors within a single family unit.


Victor S. Talavera, MA: Studied Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice at the University of Texas in El Paso. College Instructor for the Social Sciences at Anamarc Educational Institute, Texas. Project Manager and Research Coordinator at University of Texas in El Paso.
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Untertitel: A Case Study Approach Conducted in the Rural U. S. -Mexican Border Community of Tornillo, Texas. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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