The Artist and the Scientist in Hawthorne`s Short Stories

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Mai 2008



You hold a book of good intensions in your hand. The problem is that the realization of these intensions, namely, reaching the Ideal determines the destiny of others in some cases.
How far can go a scientist in reaching his ambitious strives? Is he allowed to use human beings as objects of his experiments? Can we accept the isolation imposed on innocent victims for the sake of scientific development? Should we agree with the fact that anything can be sacrificed in favour of a higher goal without any painful loss?
You can have the chance to decide if you take a closer look into the tragical stories The Birthmark and Rappaccini\\\'s Daughter.
Whatever conclusion you may come to, do not miss to pay attention to The Artist of the Beautiful and to his harmless handlings through the power of imagination and observation. Maybe it is more noble to admire the creatures of nature as he does. The question sounds like this: Is the artist able to reach his goal or will he remain a hopeless dreamer? Check it!


I was born in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary in 1980.During the years of the elementary school I won competitions in literature.At Pázmány Catholic University I wrote articles in the German department\'s journal and preferred seminars in English methodology.My German thesis is about the medieval dance macabre.
In 2005 I started my teaching carreer.
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