Comparison of E. M. Forster\'s novel Howards End with its film adaptation

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Mai 2008



Howards End is one of the finest novels of the 20th century English literature, and it was also E.M. Forster\'s first big success as an author.
The film adaptation from Howards End was the second film developed from a Forster novel and one of the many excellent adaptations made by Merchant-Ivory Productions.
This diploma thesis was written mainly from the point of view of the film. Apart from giving background information about E.M. Forster\'s life and the creation of his novel, the thesis discusses how James Ivory and his long-time collaborators, Ismail Merchant and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala created one of their finest films. It focuses on major and minor themes in both the novel and the film. It also attempts to analyse each important aspect of the film, from the film\'s creation, through the acting, and the way the script conveyed Forster?s original writing and ideas.
It should be read and enjoyed by aspiring film-makers and film-lovers alike, and anyone who wants to learn to understand films better.


Miklós Horváth recently graduated from Kodolányi János College. He is a freelance writer and has been writing short film scripts for several years. He is currently working on his latest short film. Among other things, he is a film enthusiast.
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