Long Distance Walking Tracks: Impacts and Experiences

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Mai 2008



This book reports the results of research undertaken in relation to visitor impacts and visitor experiences associated with two long distance walking tracks within the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics region of North Queensland, Australia. Biophysical impacts were recorded along more than 50 kilometers of walking tracks using a range of rapid assessment methods. In addition in excess of 600 hikers were surveyed about their hiking experiences. This research found that a number of linkages exist between the quality of visitors experiences and the extent of impact upon the environment. Following analysis a number of site specific recommendations were made to protected area managers and the results of the work are now being used by conservation agencies to improve the management of long distance walking tracks within the Wet Tropics region.


Nigel Young was Cooley Research Professor in Peace Studies and Director of the Peace Studies Program at Colgate University from 1984-2004. Nigel is currently Research Professor in Peace Studies at Colgate University, New York. He holds a BA and MA in Modern History from Oxford University and a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in International Studies. Nigel has held several prior university positions including reader and deputy head of school of peace studies at the University of Bradford (1973-1983) and lecturer in political science at the University of Birmingham (1968-1973). He also was a senior research fellow at the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway (1981, 1983 and 1984). Nigel was a founding member of CND (1958) and CND London Region Organizer (1962-1964).
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