Saint-Venant's Problem

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September 1987



This monograph is concerned with the equilibrium of linearly elastic cylinders. It gives an up-to-date and systematic treatment of extension, bending, torsion and flexure of cylinders, including the deformation of homogeneous and nonhomogeneous anisotropic elastic cylinders by loads distributed on their lateral surfaces. Minimum energy characterizations of the solutions are discussed. An analysis of Saint-Venant's principle, in the context for which it was originally intended, is also presented. Many of the results included have not appeared or been previously discussed in the literature, and illustrative applications are presented throughout.


The relaxed Saint-Venant problem.
Theory of loaded cylinders: The problems of Almansi and Michell.
Anisotropic materials.
Heterogeneous media.
Saint-Venant's problem for cosserat elastic bodies.
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