Sweep-based Approach to Three-Dimensional Shape Deformations

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Mai 2008



Sweeps are a procedural modeling technique for representing three-dimensional tubular objects. When an area or a volume moves along a prescribed trajectory in three-dimensional space, the swept volume of this moving object is generated and its boundary is a sweep surface. In this book, sweeping has been interpreted from a slightly different point of view. Instead of being used as a modeling tool for generating new objects, sweeps have been employed as control mechanisms for the modification of existing shapes. For given object, we approximate its deformable parts using sweep surfaces. The vertices on the object boundary are bound to the sweep surfaces and follow their deformation. We also extend our technique to the elastic deformations of three-dimensional objects. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our technique in several examples.


Seung-Hyun Yoon is an Assitant Professor at the Department of Game & Multimedia Engineering, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea. He received Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University. His research interests include computer graphics and geometric modeling and processing.
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