Intents & Purposes

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Simon Temprell has three novels published by Pan Macmillan. Intents & Purposes is his first self-publication. When Robert Clegg is killed in a car accident his reclusive cousin, Tallulah, is commandeered to help sort through his belongings. Robert's life is shrouded with mystery and from the moment Tallulah steps over the threshold of his dilapidated old house she senses that there was more to her cousin than met the eye. Meanwhile Veronica Rustin is a woman on the run from a destructive marriage. She has travelled over six thousand miles to escape the crime she has committed. And now she has arrived in Castleton to seek refuge in a small rental cottage on the outskirts of the village. But her plans are disrupted when she discovers that her husband is much more cunning and malicious than she ever imagined. With a wry turn-of-phrase Simon Temprell turns his satirical eye to rural life where folklore, superstition and mystery abound.

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