Advances in Cancer Research

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Presents a review of some of the early advances made by cancer cell biology researchers. This book describes the methods by which researchers delineate the phenotype of cells and ways to alter these phenotypes to prevent or delay carcinomas. It illustrates the tumors and associated malformations of nevoid basal cell carcinoma.


Foundations in Cancer Research: M. Stoker, Fundamentals of Cancer Cell Biology: Introduction. Antecedents. Autobiographical Note. Foundations of Tissue Culture. Foundations of Cell Culture. Clones. The Immortals: Stable Cell Lines. The Mortals: Cell Strains. Food for Cells in Culture. Growth Factors. Short-Range Cell Interactions. Junctional Communication. Cell and Substrate Adhesion. The Tumor Viruses. Cell Fusion. Conclusion. References. E. Farber, The Step-by-Step Development of Epithelial Cancer: From Phenotype to Genotype: Cancer Development as Basic to Cancer Research. Patterns of Development of Epithelial Cancers. A Working Hypothesis. The Phenotypes. The Genotypes. The Challenge. References. A. Chidambaram and M. Dean, Genetics of the Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome: Introduction. Clinicopathological Features of NBCCS. Genetics of NBCCS. Strategies for Isolation of Candidate Genes. Discussion. References. K. Koli and J. Keski-Oja, Transforming Growth Factor-( System and Its Regulation by Members of the Steroid-Thyroid Hormone Superfamily: Introduction. Transforming Growth Factor-(. Dual Effects of TGF-(on Cell Proliferation. Regulation of Cell Differentiation by TGF-(. TGF-(in the Regulation of the Immune System. The Steroid-Thyroid Hormone Superfamily. Steroid Hormone Regulation of TGF-( Isoform Expression. Regulation of Plasminogen Activation by Steroids. Summary. References. J.-M. Lemaitre, R.S. Buckle, and M. Mechali, c-Mycin the Control of Cell Proliferation and Embryonic Development: Introduction. The c-myc Gene. Structural and Functional Features of the c-Myc Protein. c-Myc as a Transcription Factor. c-Myc and Cell Proliferation. c-Myc in Embryonic Development. c-Myc and Differentiation. c-Myc and Apoptosis. References. S.A. Rosenberg, Y. Kawakami, P.F. Robbins, and R.-F. Wang, Identification of the Genes Encoding Cancer Antigens: Implications for Cancer Immunotherapy. Introduction. Methodology. Human Melanoma Antigens Recognized by T Cells. Cancer Therapies Based on the Molecular Identification of Cancer Antigens. References. B.A.J. Ponder and D. Smith, The MEN II Syndromes and the Role of the ret Proto-oncogene:. Introduction. The MEN II Syndromes. The ret Proto-oncogene. Development of the Tissues Involved in MEN II, and Patterns of ret Expression. Speculations on How Different ret Mutations Result in the Associated Phenotypes and in Tumor Formation. Other Events in Tumor Progression. Animal Models of MEN II. Clinical Implications of the Identification of ret Mutations in MEN II. Future Prospects. References. Subject Index.


"This classic and essential series presents critical overviews on select aspects of both cancer research and the basic underlying sciences." --AMERICAN SCIENTIST "Excellent, highly informative, in-depth reviews... expertly written, up-to-date, and well-referenced." --JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
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