Successful Online Course Retention at Marylhurst University

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Juni 2008



For a period of 6 years, the course retention rate for Marylhurst University\'s (MU) online courses was 91%, which is within four percentage points of its on-campus course retention rate (Schreck, 2001).
This grounded theory, web-based, research study aims to explicate the reasons why MU online students complete courses at high rates and develop this understanding into an online student retention model. A grounded theory approach was used to conduct this study, which is described by Creswell (2002) as, \"a systematic, qualitative procedure used to generate a theory that explains, at a broad conceptual level, a process, an action, or interaction about a substantive topic\" (p. 439).


Dr. Vincent Schreck currently serves as the Senior Instructional Designer at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Schreck?s main duties revolve around faculty training and development and instructional design. He has conducted extensive research at Marylhurst University (Portland, OR) concerning online course retention.
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