Investing Creatively in Sustainability

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Juni 2008



Culture has a duality of meaning in every day use. It is either the value system that shapes the aspirations, identity and attitudes of individuals and groups; or the way of life for a particular group of people who are drawn together through customs, religion, language, arts, science or technology. Culture has principles in common with sustainability by bestowing upon current generations cultural heritage and identity, as well as responsibility for safeguarding future cultural diversity and ecological balance. This thesis suggests that cultural values are a key to sustainability and that deliberate strategies and criteria are needed for the arts and creative industries to assist Sustainable Development. The idea that culture is central to sustainable development is based on the fact that sustainability is a concept whereas culture is a human value system and a way of life.


Alix Rhodes has led a professional working life by following her passions across the arts and cultural industries, renewable energy, community and sustainable development and more recently urban regeneration. Her research for this thesis informed the development of the Western Australian State Sustainability Strategy.
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