Rapid Orthopedic Diagnosis

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November 2008



It is indeed a pleasure to write the foreword to this useful book which describes the most commonly used orthopedic clinical diagnostic tests to assist a wide audience within the medical world. The organization of this book is easy to follow and logical. Each chapter begins with the patient's initial presentation, which is followed by an outline of the need to take account of speci? c variables in arriving at a differential diagnosis. The author und- lines the importance of using the patient's own account as a va- able tool in reaching a diagnosis. Essential anatomy is included throughout the book. For ease of reference, all the chapters are similarly structured. Its style is simple and uncluttered, offering a step-by-step approach and avoiding overlong explanations. All in all, this book ful? lls the criteria of a reference book, a practical guide, and a succinct aide memoire for those preparing for exams. It is truly a text for everyone who must conduct orthopedic examinations, including medical students, general practitioners, and orthopedic residents. It is an outstanding contribution to the orthopedic literature.


Wrist and Hand.
Foot and Ankle.


Seyed Behrooz Mostofi, BSc, MBBS, MS (Orth), FRCS (Orth) is Senior Specialist Registrar in Orthopaedics in South Thames Deanery, UK. He is currently based at William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent, UK. He is also the author of several other books in replacement systems and other areas in Orthopaedics. Two of his titles have been published by Springer: 'Who's Who in Orthopedics' and 'Fracture Classifications in Clinical Practice.'Dr Mostofi has taught the elements of the clinical examination to medical students and doctors taking the FRCS, MRCS and FRCS (Orth) examination over the past few years, enabling him to organise his thinking and refine his teaching methods. As an examiner, he also had the opportunity to test the ability of the candidates and find out the missing areas. The method is broadly based on time tested Apley's system (Look, feel, move, special tests) in a specific, simplified, informative and target based way.


From the reviews:
"This book sets out the salient points of the history and the physical examination that assist physicians in arriving at an orthopedic diagnosis. ... It is especially appropriate for medical students, interns, or junior residents." (Samuel J. Chmell, Doody's Review Services, February, 2009)
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