Hatherillisms: Philosophies for Living

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This book is amazing! It is like reading a combination of the Book of Proverbs and the Bible meets Confucius. It is clever and motivating. It has so many thoughts that are each unique and make so much common sense. And, often simply entertaining. It is a great conversation piece for your coffee table or desk. Hatherillisms: Philosophies for Living relates awareness and insights based on many years of practicing psychotherapy. The reader will be guided toward positive thinking in an easy-to-read format. Short phrases can sometimes convey ideas better than entire chapters. This great desk top motivator combines common sense with thought-provoking ideas that can be applied to daily living. This book suggests positive beliefs and philosophies to live by which influence our daily decisions. Actual patients have stated that hearing and remembering the phrases in this book helped facilitate positive life changes. The reader will be reminded that no one is alone in their experiences. Sometimes it takes only the right thought or phrase to spark the beginning of change in one's life direction.

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