Instruction Manual for Your Child: The One You Wish Your Child Came with

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Michael Raskind graduated from the Columbia University School of Social Work in 1983 with a specialty in Child and Family Services. Mr. Raskind has worked in a variety of venues including Crisis Intervention; Family and Children's Counseling, Mental Health and Chemical Dependency. He had been a professor for the State University of New York and has been if Private Practice for over 20 years. INSPIRATION The manual was inspired by two decades of work with parents who were looking for a simplified way to raise their family without having to read several books and pay for hours of parenting classes or therapy (when it is not necessary). Since every parent wishes that they had an owners manual for their children; I felt that it should be written! Though there is tons of information that could have been included in the manual; the focus was to create a hands on, to the point resource. Individualized consultation is available. Michael Raskind LCSW

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