Politics and the Ruling Group in Putin's Russia

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Juni 2008



There is little consensus about the nature of the political system that has emerged during the Putin presidency. This collection considers the issues arising in this connection, focusing more closely on institutions such as the presidency and the security police, and on the socioeconomic dimensions of political power.


What Kind of Political Regime Does Russia Have?; H-H.Schröder The Presidentialization of a Semi-Presidential Regime: The Case of Russia; O.Zaznaev The Russian Federal Security Service under President Putin; E.Schneider The Inherent Instability of the Ruling Elite; H.Ticktin Interest Groups and Economic Reform in Contemporary Russia: Before and After Yukos; A.Yakovlev The â¿¿Oligarchsâ¿¿ in Russian Mass Consciousness; A.Chepurenko Are Russiaâ¿¿s Oligarchs Scapegoats? Some Empirical Evidence from the Russian Press; J.Fruchtmann Unintentional Humour in Oligarkh and Antikiller, or How New Are the â¿¿New Russiansâ¿¿?; A.Rogachevsky


Edited By Stephen White


'The book is sure to be the standard history of the Yukos affair and as a result will be a major text on the development of Russia's politics and political economy for some time to come.'
- The Authors Journal
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