A Short History of Quebec

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September 2008



John A. Dickinson and Brian Young bring a refreshing perspective to the history of Quebec, focusing on the social and economic development of the region as well as the identity issues of its diverse peoples. This revised fourth edition covers Quebec's recent political history and includes an updated bibliography and chronology and new illustrations. A Canadian classic, A Short History of Quebec now takes into account such issues as the 1995 referendum, recent ideological shifts and societal changes, considers Quebec's place in North America in the light of NAFTA, and offers reflections on the Gerard Bouchard-Charles Taylor Commission on Accommodation and Cultural Differences in 2008. Engagingly written, this expanded and updated fourth edition is an ideal place to learn about the dynamic history of Quebec.


John A. Dickinson teaches Quebec history at the Universite de Montreal.
Brian Young teaches Quebec history at McGill University.


"The best book currently available in English on the history of Quebec." The Ottawa Citizen
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