No Winners Here Tonight: Race, Politics, and Geography in One of the Country's Busiest Death Penalty States

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Februar 2009



"No Winners Here Tonight "explores the history of the death penalty and the question of its fairness through the experience of a single state, Ohio, which, despite its moderate midwestern values, has long had one of the country's most active death chambers. Andrew Welsh-Huggins's work is the only comprehensive study of the history of the death penalty in Ohio. His analysis concludes that the current law, crafted by lawmakers to punish the worst of the state's killers, doesn't come close to its intended purpose and instead varies widely in its implementation. This exploration of the law of capital punishment and its application will appeal to students of criminal justice as well as those with an interest in law and public policy.


Andrew Welsh-Huggins is a reporter with the Associated Press in Columbus, Ohio.


"The book is beautifully written. Specialists who already know the broad outlines will be interested in learning the Ohio story, and for nonspecialists, the book will be an engaging introduction to the subject." - Stuart Banner, author of The Death Penalty: An American History "The book is an original and important project that makes a significant contribution to the field." - Douglas A. Berman, William B. Saxbe Designated Professor of Law, Moritz College of Law, Ohio State University"
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