Internet QoS Differentiation

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Juni 2008



Recently, many researchers have explored to provide a service architecture with strong service differentiation and low complexity in IP networks. Proportional differentiated services architecture is a good example, which has been an effort to quantify the differentiation between classes of traffic and to enforce that the ratios of delays or loss rates
of successive priority classes be roughly constant.
In this book, we present a novel service architecture with strong service guarantees and high scalability in IP networks. The main contribution of this book is the definition and realization of a new service
architecture which can offer absolute and relative differentiation of packet delay and loss to classes of traffic. We devise and analyze mechanisms that implement the proposed service architecture, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach through numerical analysis and simulation.
To enable a new service architecture, we introduce a differentiated service architecture with triple collaboration which consists of major primitives:(1) an Active Queue Management scheme, (2) a Scheduling mechanism, and (3) a TCP Congestion Control mechanism.


Jahwan Koo received the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in information communication engineering from Sungkyunkwan University. For more than five years, he was a system engineer and infrastructure architect at LG CNS. His research interests include IP QoS, network management, network security, and information technology architecture.
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