Practical Advice on How to Teach Grammar to Primary Pupils by Games

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Juni 2008



I think we sould teach a little grammar and a lot of vocabulary through topic-based and later content-based methods.
We have to smuggle grammar into our lessons. My opinion is that the best way to do it is by playing games. Children are having fun and they are learning grammar.
The old-fashioned grammar lessons are boring and children do not like them. At this level, they cannot understand rules and translate sentences the entire lesson. I think the best method is one kind of golden mean. It is useful if we use the topic-based teaching method because children are motivated and we can teach vocabulary efficiently but we have to teach a little grammar as well. I know teaching and learning grammar is a very hard job but if we can do it unnoticeably, it can be efficient and enjoyable. When children are playing, they can learn useful rules.
My opinion is that games are excellent tools because they make an impression on pupils with all kind of cerebral activity. In addition, I believe the most important thing is that grammar is difficult and important so the best way to teach and practise it is by the using of games.


I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1982. I got my degree at Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers\' Training. I teach very young learners and young learners too. My aim is to help kids to acquire English the global language
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