Vector Space-driven Service Discovery

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Juni 2008



The main topic of this work includes a large section of the Web service paradigm and its application in todays distributed systems. The main focus lies on the very specific issue of searching and discovering those services. The arising problems are of various nature. On one hand there is no universal approach or established method for discovering existing services to date. On the other hand, software developers are confronted with the problem where to publish services they implemented. Due to the fact that Web service technologies are not a new facet of the internet or the service-oriented infrastructure respectively, many approaches to find a common ground for those issues have already been proposed. Many of those approaches failed simply because their concepts where not mature enough, but others failed, because even though the concept was sound and feasible, they lack the acceptance in the service-oriented community.
Here, these problems are analyzed to produce a concept that provides a solution for the problems mentioned above.


Christian Platzer is an Assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Technology where he received his Ph.D. degree in January 2008. He is head of the Secure Systems Lab. His teaching activities comprise the area of secure computer systems and technical informatics as well as guidance for Masters and Ph.D. candidates.
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