A Playworker's Guide to Understanding Children's Behaviour: Working with the 8-12 Age Group

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Juli 2008



Written in a jargon-free, readable style, with a profuse use of real life examples, this book is a must-have resource for playworkers seeking to enhance their skills as a whole. It highlights how the way we think about children 's behavior colors the way we react to it. It offers playworkers a different way of understanding many ordinary childhood behaviors such as lying, stealing, bullying, and gives practical advice not only on management but on how practitioners can identify, trust and develop their own skills.


Andrea Clifford-Poston, M.Ed. is a UKCP registered Educational Psychotherapist and has over 30 years experience of working with children, parents and professionals in schools, clinics, hospitals and the home. Andrea trained initially as a primary school teacher and taught in various London schools. For 16 years she was Teacher in Charge at the Child Development Centre, Charing Cross Hospital, and for many years a Visiting Lecturer to the Music Therapy training course at the Roehampton Institute. She has contributed articles to a number of leading childcare magazines including 'Nursery World' and 'The Times Parent Forum' as well as having written papers for teachers and professionals. For thirteen years she has been in private practice as a Child and Family Mental Health Specialist. She is consultant to and runs training courses for professionals working with children and is member of the Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy.
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