Linguistics: An Introduction

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An introductory textbook for students of linguistics and language studies. This book addresses the topics that a student may need in their initial and subsequent study of language. It features key terms, further reading, questions at the end of each chapter, exercises and key paragraphs in stand-out boxes.


1. Introduction; I. Language: System and Structure; 2. Sounds of Language: Phonetics and Phonology; 3. Structures of Words: Morphology; 4. Lexicon; 5. Structure of Sentences: Syntax; 6. Meaning in Language: Semantics and Pragmatics; II. Language: A Human Phenomenon; 7. Sociolinguistics: Language in its Social Context; 8. Psycholinguistics: Language, the Mind and the Brain; 9. Language Acquisition; 10. Language in its Biological Context; III. Language: Uniformity and Diversity; 11. Unity and Diversity in Language Structure: Language Universals; 12. Language Change; 13. Languages of the World; Bibliography; Index.


Professor William McGregor is at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.


McGregor's prose is clear... his explanations are articulate enough to convey the essential content, while devoid of tortuous, off-putting syntax... the thirteen chapters contain plenty of linguistic examples and clever illustrations [and] the text is pedagogically friendly. McGregor has delivered a concise compendium, uncluttered and accessible, pedagogically well thought through, and innovative in its theoretical approach to presenting the material. Instructors, students, and language buffs alike are encouraged to give it a gander.--Sanford Lakoff
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