Taiwan's Economic Transformation in Evolutionary Perspective

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Since the end of the Second World War, Taiwan has transformed in around 60 years time from a farmland to a high tech industrial economy. This book examines entrepreneurship, innovative systems and government policies in Taiwan.


Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Taiwan; The Dynastic Impulse: A Speculative Hypothesis on Taiwan's Rapid Post-War Growth; Entrepreneurial Entry Decisions: Theory and Empirical Evidence From Taiwan; Sweet Sweat: Taiwanese Women Entrepreneurs; Bandi and Laoban: The Development of Elementary Organisational Capability in Taiwan's Small and Medium Enterprises; An Integrated Structural Model and its Diagnostic and Analytical Approach for Continuous Improvement Activity; Comparing the Structure and Competitive Priorities of Taiwan and Korea TFT-LCD Industry; Industry and Knowledge Evolution: The Case of Taiwan's Flat Panel Display Industry; Beyond the Manufacturing Service: Knowledge Leverage Strategy -- An Empirical Study of the SIP Mall In Taiwan; Social Capital as Collective and Private Goods for Co-operatives Development: The Case of Credit Unions in Taiwan; An Evolutionary Perspective of Policy Change behind the Economic Success of Taiwan; Industrial Park's Development and Management in Taiwan: Government Policy versus Market Power; The Architect of Taiwan's Economic Miracle: Evolutionary Economics of Li Kuo-Ting; Index.
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