Microbial Processes and Carbon Cycling in the Ocean

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November 2008



Discusses progress in microbial oceanography with emphasis on microbial processes and mechanisms related to carbon cycling in the ocean, including the microbial light utilisation in the surface ocean, and archaeal carbon fixation and methane oxidation in the deep ocean and sediment.


Preface; Newly Recognised Microbial Light Utilisation in the Euphotic Zone and Its Contribution to Carbon Cycling in the Ocean; Primary Production and Carbon Cycling in the Deep Sea: Archaeal Carbon Fixation and Methane Oxidation; Virus Processes and their Influence on Ocean Carbon Cycling and the Evolution of Life in Marine Environments; Ocean Carbon Sequestration Mechanisms: Sinking Versus Non-Sinking Biological Pumps; Looking Back into the Ancient Oceans from the Modern Microbial Ecological Scenarios; State-of-the-art Techniques in Current Microbial Oceanography.
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