A Values Education Intervention Through Therapeutic Recreation

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Juli 2008



The development and empirical testing of value education interventions within the paradigm of therapeutic recreation are scant. As such, support in regard to the positive impact of therapeutic recreation on the social well-being of its participants is not often recognized by many health care professionals. In response, the therapeutic recreation profession has become focused on reassessing its purpose, and expanding its knowledge base through scientific research that demonstrates the effectiveness of its programs on client outcomes. This book examines the possible effects of a values education intervention, through therapeutic recreation, on value priorities of adolescents residing in a children\'s psychiatric center. The analysis was based on a pretest, posttest non-equivalent control group quasi-experiemntal design, utilizing repeated measures. The scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of a values education intervention may potentially be a positive enhancement toward the rehabilitation of adolescents in psychiatric settings, and help professionals in this discipline to realize positive outcomes.


Dr. Gail C. Lamberta is a Professor and Chair of the Recreation Department at St. Joseph\'s College, New York. Dr. Lamberta has worked in a myriad of recreation settings, and is also a Recreation Consultant. She is an active member of several professional societies, and the LILSA Board of Directors.
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