Simulating Lab Experiences

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Juli 2008



The expository laboratory, a type of physical laboratory that has prescribed outcomes, was initially designed to address learning environments and laboratory environments of the 19th century. However, it has lost its instructional value and needs to be redesigned for 21st century lab environments. Emerging technologies such as simulations have a multitude of instructional benefits which can serve as robust replacements for the expository lab. The expository lab is being redefined and needs to be redesigned for the online world. These changes have not been realized, however, due to the current accreditation process which does not recognize the simulated lab as a legitimate alternative to expository labs. This study investigated whether simulated laboratories can achieve the goals of contemporary lab instruction as successfully as the expository lab paradigm.
This study showed that the simulated lab can serve as a legitimate alternative to the expository, ?hands-on? lab which is frequently used in science courses. The current accreditation practice of requiring online science courses to have ?hands-on? labs should be reevaluated to include simulated labs as alternatives.


Dr. Pyatt is an Assistant Professor at Eastern Washington University, USA. His expertise is in the areas of science instruction, software systems design & development, and instructional design for online learning. Dr. Pyatt currently teaches science methods, ed. research, instructional design, and simulation/educational game design & development.
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