Environmental Management in Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises

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Juli 2008



This study seeks to gain insight into environmental management implemented by micro and small tourism enterprises and explore levels of awareness and interest among owner-managers of micro and small tourism enterprises toward schemes aiming for the environmental improvement of business. The research uncovers findings that elevate possibilities for reducing misinterpretation of terminology relative to sustainable tourism business. A qualitative, semi-structured interview approach was used to gain in-depth and detailed perspectives from owner-managers of micro and small tourism enterprises. Overall, findings suggest that owner-managers are implementing low levels of environmental management and have limited knowledge of what implementation of environmental management specifically involves, such as, how long it takes and how much it costs. The underlying values of owner-managers demonstrate potential opportunities for further implementation of sustainable business practice. In addition, owner-managers seemed to place importance in conducting business responsibly and having minimal impact on the environment so that quality of life remains for future generations.


Sophie has worked in the tourism industry in both New Zealand and Canada for 12 years and has recently completed a Masters in Tourism Management through the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Currently Development Advisor for Tourism New Zealand, Sophie assists the New Zealand tourism industry to deliver a quality visitor experience.
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