Innovation in Primetime Television

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Juli 2008



Innovation in primetime network programming is claimed by network executives to be the future of the television business. It is asserted to keep a constant programming flow, expand the network\'s rank in the industry by addressing those viewers who have not yet been reached by existing programming, and respond to various changes in the viewer\'s environment. This statement however seems to contrast the economic principle of maximizing profits while minimizing risks and avoidable expenses because introducing new programs to an audience includes enormous costs and unforeseeable risks. This book adresses this conflict by analyzing innovations in primetime programming offered by ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Based on program schedules and different categories of innovations designed for the study, it is examined to what extent new programs enter fall lineups and evaluated how innovative the new programs are. Thus, it provides a basic theoretical understanding and applied insight into the practice of innovation management and television programming. The book is designed for students, lecturers, and media managers interested in innovation management and television programming.


Maike Rudzio studierte in Osnabrück Erziehungswissenschaft, Medien und Soziologie. Zusätzlich erlangte sie den Master of Arts in Communication Studies an der ISU, USA. Seit Okt. 2005 ist sie als wiss. Mitarbeiterin an der Prof. Medienmanagement mit den Lehr- und Forschungsinhalten Innovationsmanagement sowie Unternehmertum in Weimar tätig.
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