Emissions and Processes in Biomass Combustion

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Juli 2008



Biomass combustion for heating or energy generation purposes is a significant source of air pollution. Besides gaseous chemicals, respirable particulate matter makes an important contribution. A comprehensive flue gas analysis is required to estimate health risks emanating from these emissions. For this purpose, a mobile analytical instrument was developed which enabled a combined real-time detection of compounds in both the gas and the particle phase. Infrared laser desorption was used for solid samples. Organic molecules were ionized by means of a tuneable UV laser and detected in a time-of-flight mass spectrometer.
The author presents field measurements that were carried out at different incinerators, ranging in size from a domestic stove to an industrial pilot plant. For the first time, combustion processes involving different wood species were observed in real time, and conclusions drawn regarding their dynamic behaviour. Laboratory experiments on wood and environmental samples supplement these results.
This book is aimed at scientists working in the area of environmental research and manufacturers as well as operators of biomass combustion facilities.


Thorsten Hauler, Dipl.-Phys. Dr. rer. nat., Diplom in Atmosphärenphysik an der Universität Heidelberg, Promotion in Analytischer Chemie an der TU München, arbeitet derzeit in administrativer Funktion für Lady Margaret Hall, einem College der Universität Oxford. Er ist Mitglied der DPG und des Institute of Physics sowie Fellow der Burgon Society.
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