Development of the Weaving Machine and 3D Woven SpacerFabric Structures for Lightweight Composites Materials

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Juli 2008



The characteristics of 3D-spacer fabrics as one of the most important lightweight materials in future are multifaceted not only owing to its extremely light materials, but also because of exceptionally high stiffness to weight ratio compared to other constructions. It can enhance the through-the-thickness properties, such as shear strength, dimensional stability, damage, tolerance, and fracture toughness that are critical for many structural applications. Spacer fabric has been employed in high-technology applications because of its critical mechanical properties related to high tensile strength, tear strength and stiffness. The fundamental aim of this book exists in the development of a new kind of woven spacer fabrics for the light weight composites materials, in an effort to weave spacer fabrics that can not be realized with the old technology, the work in brief focuses on two main goals:
1. Development of a new kind of spacer fabrics for composites in the lightweight constructions.
2. Development of special devices of a narrow weaving machine for standing the process of the new kind of spacer fabrics production.


Dr. Eng. Said Sobhey Badawi
Lecturer in the Dept. of Textile Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,TU Dresden, Germany, 2007
M.Sc. in Weaving Technology, Helwan University, 2001
B.Sc. in Textile Technology, Helwan University, 1993
General Secondary Education Certificate (Mathematics Section), Egypt, 1988
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