Green Doesn't Always Mean Go!

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Juli 2008



Since the 1970's environmental education has received much attention in many countries from policy makers and educators interested in merging the complexities of the terms environment and education. And while environmental education has expanded its presence in pedagogical and didactic endeavor, its history also demonstrates contested ideological foundations regarding its implementation in schools. Moreover there is scant literature available examining student conceptions of environmental education, environmentalism and/or sustainability. This book, therefore, provides insights into this important area via an international study examining Australian and Canadian student's conceptions of environmental education. Through this study it becomes apparent that for the students who participated in this research project, environmental education is, at is best irrelevant, and at its worst depressing.


Michael C Nagel, BEd, MEd, PhD: Dr Nagel is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Science and Education, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
John Lidstone, BSc(Econ), MA, PhD: Dr Lidstone is an Associate Professor in Education, Queensland University of Technology.
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