Abbott v. Burke: An Historical Analysis of School Finance Reform in New Jersey

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Juli 2008



This dissertation traces the history of school finance reform in New Jersey through interviews with key education informants. This case spanned more than 30 years starting with Robinson v. Cahill. Raymond Abbott was a grade school child in Camden, New Jersey, and along with 19 school aged children in urban districts, filed suit against the most senior education and state officials in New Jersey. The case went through more than 10 iterations. It is the model case for anyone interested in studying school finance reform in the United States, particularly with all of the fits and starts. The case proves that if people have the political will, an equal education can be provided to all children in a state as diverse as New Jersey.


Joanne E. Howard is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at Roosevelt Univesity in Chicago. She is also a Senior Consultant with the Metro Chicago Information Center, an independent research and consulting nonprofit. She is dedicated to assisting nonprofits, particularly in the area of education, run more efficiently.
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