How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

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Dezember 2008



Tests of diagrammatic reasoning feature in the recruitment process for professional services, finance, accountancy, graduate traineeships, architecture, engineering and even the UKCAT. Doing well in these common assessments is largely down to practice. How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests contains over 300 practice questions involving a series of pictorial or diagrammatic questions with little or no resort to words or numbers. Each chapter is organised into blocks of warm up questions with a mini test at the end. The questions get progressively harder. Covering abstract reasoning, input type diagrammatic reasoning and conceptual and spatial reasoning tests, How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests will help you to achieve a high score and get though to the next stage of the recruitment process.


Chapter - 01: A unique source of essential practice; Chapter - 02: Abstract reasoning tests; Chapter - 03: Input-type diagrammatic reasoning tests; Chapter - 04: Conceptual or spatial reasoning tests; Chapter - 05: Answers and explanations
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Untertitel: Essential Practice for Abstract, Input Type and Spatial Reasoning Tests. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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