Polymers and Other Advanced Materialsemerging Technologies and Business Opportunities

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Thisbook continuesthe tradition ofproviding the scientificcommunity with infonnation on some ofthe most important advances reported at aseries ofconferences on Frontiers ofPolymers and Advanced Materials. The particular meeting covered in this proceedings volume was held in KualaLumpur, Malaysia,from January 16th through the 20th, 1995. It follows earlier proceedings, also published by Plenum, for a conference in New Delhi in 1991, and another in Jakarta in 1993. All of these conferences focused on the most recent and important advances in a wide range of carefully chosen subject areas dealing with advanced materials and new technologies. TheMalaysiaConference was organized by the Malaysian MinistryofScience, Technology and Environment; Malaysian Industry-Government Group for Higher Technology; Standards and Industrial Research Institute ofMalaysia; State University ofNew York at Buffalo; and Malaysian Plastic Manufacturers Association. The stated goals ofthe conference were: . To highlight advances and new findings in Polymers and Advanced Materials . To bring together leading international scientists, engineers and top level industrial managementfor discussionsonthe CUTTent status ofadvanced materials, new technologies and industrial opportunities . To foster global communication in polymers and advanced materials technology. Tbe Malaysianconferencecoveredbytheseproceedingsemphasized"composites and blends", ''high-performance materials", ''materials for photonics", ''materials for electronics", ''biomaterials'', "recycling of materials", "sol-gel and processed materials", "advanced materials from natural products", and ''multifunctional and smart materials". There was also a separate symposium on ''business opportunities".


Composites and Blends: Composite Applications in Commercial Transport Aircraft; J.T. Quinlivan, H.R. Fenbert. High Performance Materials: Improved Mechanical Properties of Polymer Films Dried from the Swollen State in Uniaxial and Biaxial States of Strain; J.E. Mark. Materials for Electronics: Optic Characterization of Oligo-thiophene Multilayers; M. Muccini, et al. Materials for Photonics: Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals for Electronic Applications; J.C. Dubois, et al. Biomaterials: New Conjugate Polymers - A Marriage Between Synthetic and Natural Polymers; N. Ogata. Recycling of Materials: Guidelines for the Restabilization of Post-consumer Recycled Plastics; K. Sun, L.T. Pearson. Sol-gel and Chemically Processed Materials: Preparation of Dense Thin Films by Sol-Gel with Very High Humidity Sensitivity; G. Gusmano, et al. Materials from Natural Products: A New Generation of Composite Materials from Agro-based Fiber; R.M. Rowell. Multifunction and Smart Materials: Communicating with Respective Intelligent Membranes; A. Mirmohseni, et al. Business Opportunities: Sabic and the Saudi Arabian Petrochemical Industry: Anatomy of a Leader; M.A. Al-Qurtas. 71 additional articles. Index.
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