Millennial Reign

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The Tribulation Wars are over. The Messiah has come to earth and has transformed the planet into a Garden of Eden. The world embarks upon a new age of peace and prosperity, but there is trouble within the Kingdom. A new leader rises to power and challenges the King's authority. He leads many astray and starts a new Republic up north. Other factions also venture out and settle new lands abroad. Some territories remain faithful to the King while other nations form a coalition with the Republic. Ultimately a line is drawn in the sand that brings about cataclysmic events. Who will prevail? Who will overcome? Find out in Conte's page turning thriller of "Millennial Reign,"
Craig Conte writes his best novel to date in "Millennial Reign," The characters embark upon a series of journeys and ordeals. Some fall in love. Others have their lives torn asunder, but most struggle through the highs and lows of living for a thousand years during the Kingdom Age.

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