The Effect of Laser Induced Thermal Ablation on Liver Tumours

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Juli 2008



Laser thermal ablation (LTA) is an in situ ablative technique that induces heat destruction of liver tumours. Despite increasing clinical use of LTA, reports of long-term outcomes and limitations of treatment in specific cohorts of patients with liver tumours are lacking. In addition, the mechanisms of action of therapy are not fully understood.
This book highlights some of the clinical results and limitations of LTA in the treatment of colorectal liver metastases and examines its mechanisms of action.
Overall, there is a high incidence of local tumour recurrence following thermal ablation due to incomplete tumour destruction and regional and extrahepatic tumour recurrences. The mechanisms of action of thermal ablation appear to be multifactorial with interplay of several factors. An understanding and manipulation of the processes may further ensure complete tumour destruction and reduce local and distal recurrences. This may encourage more widespread use of this technology for the treatment of liver tumours. This book should be especially useful for health professionals and researchers with an interest in the ever expanding field of thermal ablation of liver tumours.


Mehrdad Nikfarjam, MD, PhD, FRACS: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgeon. Graduated from Monash University Medical School, Melbourne, Australia. Completed Doctorate of Philosophy at University of Melbourne on the Treatment of Liver Tumours. Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Lecturer at the University Of Melbourne, Department Of Surgery, Austin Hospital.
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