Recent American Art Song: A Guide

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September 2008



This reference source focuses on post-1980 songs with English texts by American composers, written for solo voice and piano. Composer entries include biographical and bibliographical information, as well as commentary concerning the range, appropriate voice type, and musical style of the songs.


Part 1 Foreword Part 2 Preface Part 3 Introduction: American Art Song Today Part 4 Abbreviations Part 5 Composer Entries: A to Z Part 6 Discography Part 7 Bibliography Part 8 Indexes Part 9 About the Author


Keith E. Clifton is associate professor of musicology at Central Michigan University.


Much needed to call attention to what has been written and how to find it. This volume will be useful in all colleges and universities where voice is taught and art song encouraged...Recommended. Two-star review. CHOICE, March 2009 Recent American Art Song fills a void in repertoire resources. Every university library should own this volume, and teachers who wish to explore new repertoire will find this a useful and reasonably priced addition to their studios. Journal of Singing, March/April 2009 Everything represented here was composed in the last quarter-century, and it is high time this segment of the repertoire receive its official due. Most useful for choosing new pieces are the indices of songs by voice type and by difficulty. One can only hope that future editions will follow Clifton's lead. Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, June 2009 Recent American Art Song: A Guide is a well-researched directory of U.S. songwriters and their music since 1980...The author is a world authority on the topic. American Reference Books Annual, August 2008
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