Women in Media Careers: Success Despite the Odds

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Chapter 1: Women's Careers in Media Chapter 2: The Glass Ceiling, as Metaphor Chapter 3: Nothing Like a Good Book Chapter 4: The "Muse" in the News: Women and Newspapers Chapter 5: That Magazine, There on the Table Chapter 6: The Back Lot of Movies Chapter 7: Turning the Radio Down a Little Chapter 8: Mirroring the Image of TV Chapter 9: The Fast Pace of Cyberspace: The Internet Chapter 10: Media Divas and Beyond Chapter 11: What's Up With the Techno Future?


Lee Bollinger is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Coastal Carolina University. Carole O'Neill is an Emmy award winning producer/director who aired news, talk shows, documentaries, and live specials on CBS, NBC, and WB affiliates in Boston. She is currently Visiting Professor at Coastal Carolina University and has previously been Professor in the School of the Arts at Emerson College.


This behind-the-scenes look at women working in the media imparts the kind of knowledge I wish I had before starting my career. It's a valuable resource that should be read by anyone thinking of a career in the media. -- Erica Potter, VP Worldwide Marketing Operations, Warner Independent Pictures This book provides the context for women to transcend glass ceilings throughout the communications industry, and offers superb organizational insight to help women succeed in other industries. This book is filled with sound advice for transforming obstacles into opportunities. -- Mary Eddy, APR, owner and CEO, The Wordsmith, Inc. Informative and inspiring, Bollinger and O'neill's encouraging book offers women a reliable resource on the career opportunities in the mass media industry and how they cas succeed in securing a position. Coastal Carolina University News, September 12 2008 The authors have done a fine job in setting out the pros and cons of media careers for women in a very accessible way. The writing is friendly, but the research is thorough, with sources cited throughout. The "Spotlight" sidebars from women professionals in the field and the "Diva" concept are fresh and interesting. Depending on your need, the book will work as a textbook for a course on Gender and the Media, or as a supplemental work for and Introduction to Mass Media. -- Lynn Zoch, Professor and Director, School of Communication, Radford University
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