Advances in Case-Based Reasoning

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August 2008



This volume contains the papers presented at the 9th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ECCBR 2008). Case-based reasoning (CBR) is an arti?cial intelligence approach whereby new problems are solved by remembering, adapting and reusing solutions to a previously solved, similar problem. The collection of previously solved problems andtheirassociatedsolutionsisstoredinthecasebase. Neworadaptedsolutions are learned and updated in the case base as needed. In remembrance of the First European Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning, which took place 15 years ago at the European Academy Otzenhausen, not far from Trier, this year's conference was especially devoted to the past, present, and future of case-based reasoning. ECCBR and the International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (IC- CBR) alternate every year. ECCBR 2008 followed a series of seven successful European workshops previously held in Otzenhausen, Germany (1993), Ch- tilly, France (1994), Lausanne, Switzerland (1996), Dublin, Ireland (1998), and Trento, Italy (2000), and three European conferences in Aberdeen, UK (2002), ¿ Madrid, Spain (2004), and Olu ¿deniz/Fethiye, Turkey (2006). The International Conferences on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR) were previously held in Ses- bra, Portugal (1995), Providence, Rhode Island, USA (1997), Seeon, Germany (1999), Vancouver, Canada (2001), Trondheim, Norway (2003), Chicago, USA (2005), and Belfast, Northern Ireland (2007). These meetings have a history of attracting ?rst-class European and international researchers and practiti- ers. The proceedings of the ECCBR and ICCBR conferences are published by Springer in their LNAI series.


Invited Talks.- Case-Based Reasoning in the Health Sciences: Why It Matters for the Health Sciences and for CBR.- An Analysis of Research Themes in the CBR Conference Literature.- Semantics and Experience in the Future Web.- Research Papers.- Recognizing the Enemy: Combining Reinforcement Learning with Strategy Selection Using Case-Based Reasoning.- Formal and Experimental Foundations of a New Rank Quality Measure.- Provenance, Trust, and Sharing in Peer-to-Peer Case-Based Web Search.- Visualizing and Evaluating Complexity of Textual Case Bases.- Learning Similarity Functions from Qualitative Feedback.- Conservative Adaptation in Metric Spaces.- Opportunistic Acquisition of Adaptation Knowledge and Cases - The IakA Approach.- Noticeably New: Case Reuse in Originality-Driven Tasks.- Experience-Based Design of Behaviors in Videogames.- Considerations for Real-Time Spatially-Aware Case-Based Reasoning: A Case Study in Robotic Soccer Imitation.- Retrieval Based on Self-explicative Memories.- Increasing Precision of Credible Case-Based Inference.- Supporting Case-Based Retrieval by Similarity Skylines: Basic Concepts and Extensions.- Using Case Provenance to Propagate Feedback to Cases and Adaptations.- Towards Case-Based Support for e-Science Workflow Generation by Mining Provenance.- Knowledge Planning and Learned Personalization for Web-Based Case Adaptation.- Cases, Predictions, and Accuracy Learning and Its Application to Effort Estimation.- Evaluation of Feature Subset Selection, Feature Weighting, and Prototype Selection for Biomedical Applications.- Case-Based Decision Support for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes on Insulin Pump Therapy.- Conversational Case-Based Reasoning in Self-healing and Recovery.- Situation Assessment for Plan Retrieval in Real-Time Strategy Games.- Optimization Algorithms to Find Most Similar Deductive Consequences (MSDC).- Understanding Dubious Future Problems.- Conversational Case-Based Recommendations Exploiting a Structured Case Model.- k-NN Aggregation with a Stacked Email Representation.- Case-Based Reasoning and the Statistical Challenges.- Evaluation Measures for TCBR Systems.- CBR for CBR: A Case-Based Template Recommender System for Building Case-Based Systems.- Forgetting Reinforced Cases.- iReMedI - Intelligent Retrieval from Medical Information.- Adaptation through Planning in Knowledge Intensive CBR.- Folk Arguments, Numerical Taxonomy and Case-Based Reasoning.- Real-Time Plan Adaptation for Case-Based Planning in Real-Time Strategy Games.- Horizontal Case Representation.- Application Papers.- Supporting Fraud Analysis in Mobile Telecommunications Using Case-Based Reasoning.- Predicting the Presence of Oil Slicks After an Oil Spill.- Case Based Interpretation of Soil Chromatograms.- Case-Based Troubleshooting in the Automotive Context: The SMMART Project.- Rapid Prototyping of CBR Applications with the Open Source Tool myCBR.
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