Household and Family in Past Times

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This is an extremely important collection of essays in historical social structure.


1. Introduction: The history of the family Peter Laslett; 2. Some demographic determinants of average household size: An analytic approach Thomas K. Burch; 3. The evolution of the family Jack Goody; 4. Mean household size in England since the sixteenth century Peter Laslett; 5. Mean household size in England from printed sources Richard Wall; 6. A note on the household structure of mid-nineteenth-century York in comparative perspective W. A. Armstrong; 7. Household structure and the industrial revolution; mid-nineteenth-century Preston in comparative perspective Michael Anderson; 8. A southern French village: the inhabitants of Montplaisant in 1644 Jean-Noel Biraben; 9. Size and structure of households in a northern French village between 1836 and 1861 Yves Blayo; 10. Household and family in Tuscany in 1427 Christiana Klapisch; 11. Structure of household and family in Corsica, 1769-71 Jacques Dupaquier and Louis Jadin; 12. Variations in the size and structure of the household in the United Provinces of the Netherlands in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries A. M. van der Woude; 13. Size of households before the industrial revolution: the case of Liege in 1801 Etienne Helin; 14. The zadruga as process E. A. Hammel; 15. Houseful and household in an eighteenth-century Balkan city. A tabular analysis of the listing of the Serbian sector of Belgrade in 1733-4 Peter Laslett and Marilyn Clarke; 16. Town and countryside in Serbia in the nineteenth century, social and household structure as reflected in the census of 1863 Joel M. Halpern; 17. Small families, small households, and residential instability: town and city in 'pre-modern' Japan Robert J. Smith; 18. Size of household in a Japanese county throughout the Tokugawa era Akira Hayami and Nobuko Uchida; 19. An interpretation of the size and structure of the household in Japan over three centuries Chic Nakane; 20. The average size of families and households in the Province of Massachusetts in 1764 and in the United States in 1790: an overview Philip J. Graven, Jr; 21. Demography and psychology in the historical study of family-life: a personal report John Demos; 22. Rhode Island family structure: 1875 and 1960 Edward T. Pryor, Jr.
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