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From its initial clinical use, over 28 years ago, to its current extensive use (over 100,000 times annually in the US alone), balloon pump equipment has developed into sophisticated, computer--assisted technology for mechanically aiding circulation.


Section I: Assisted Circulation. 1. The Principle of Circulatory Assist. 2. Pulsatile Assist Devices and Counterpulsation. Section II: Cardiac Function and Pathophysiology of Cardiac Failure. 3. Cardiac Function and Classification Of Cardiac Failure. 4. Cardiogenic Shock. Section III: The Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump. 5. Historical Background. 6. Balloon Pump Equipment. 7. Balloon Pump Consoles and Catheters. 8. Physiology of Balloon Pumping. 9. General Criteria, Contraindications and Guidelines for Balloon Pumping. 10. Methods of Insertion and Removal of Intra--Aortic Balloon Catheter. 11. Complications of Balloon Pumping. Section IV: Management of Patients on Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump. 12. Nursing Care Of Patients on Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump. 13. Hemodynamic Monitoring, Data Acquisition and Assessment of Efficacy of Diastolic Augmentation. 14. Pharmacologic Treatment. 15. Management of Patients on Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump in Special Situations. 16. Problems With Use of Balloon Pumping. 17. Weaning from Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump Assist. 18. System Management in Patients on Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump. 19. Ancillary Measures in Care of Patients on Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump. Section V: Indications for Use of Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump. 20. An Overview. 21. Intra--Aortic Balloon Pump for Coronary Artery Disease. 22. Balloon Pumping in Cardiogenic Shock. 22. Balloon Pumping in Cardiac Surgery. 23. Miscellaneous Indications for Balloon Pumping


"...well written and well organized. It should be welcome as a reference text to the libraries of multidisciplinary teams caring for cardiac patients." ----Canadian Journal of Surgery "This book presents a comprehensive and up to date review of the use of the intra--aortic balloon pump (IABP) ...The sections on balloon pump equipment, consoles and catheters, and the physiology of balloon pumping are all particularly good, and perhaps should be mandatory reading for all trainees in cardiac surgery, cardiac anesthesia, invasive cardiology and clinical perfusion. "It is a worthwhile addition to the library of a busy cardiovascular critical care unit in which IABPs are used frequently, and is a good reference text for anyone who is considering research involving the IABP." ----Canadian Journal of Anesthesia
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