The Civil Pleas of the Suffolk Eyre of 1240

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Juli 2009



Edition and translation of an important legal document, shedding new light on legal developments in medieval England.


Here is a worthwhile addition to the growing corpus of edited and published thirteenth-century eyre rolls, in this case appearing in translation and with a long and commendably thorough introduction. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW The calendar itself is very full and copiously footnoted, with particular attention given to place-name queries, to the benefit of local historians and topographers. The overall impression is of a job thoroughly and competently done, resulting in a very useful volume indeed. ARCHIVES For anybody concerned with the history of East Anglia or the medieval period, it is clear that this book represents an extremely valuable contribution. Its publication makes accessible a rich source that enables the amateur historian to penetrate everyday life in medieval Suffolk. (...) Gallagher has produced a fine text that will undoubtedly be used by academic medievalists for many years, but this book also has a place on the shelves of the keen local and family historian. THE LOCAL HISTORIAN
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