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Nursing 2 teaches pre-work students to communicate accurately, in English, with patients and colleagues.Nursing is ideal for pre-work students, studying at pre-intermediate to intermediate level, who will need to use English in work situations. It is also suitable for qualified nurses thinking of working in English-speaking countries.


1. Admission by A & E ; Triage assessment, types of triage, an emergency call ; 2. Admission by referral ; General symptoms, polite phrases, hospital admissions ; 3. Obstetrics ; Pregnancy and labour, diseases and conditions to avoid in pregnancy, from pregnancy to birth ; 4. Pharmacy ; Monitoring the effects of medication, side effects, plants used in treatment ; 5. Ophthalmology ; Directing patients, the eye, eye conditions ; 6. Dermatology ; Assessing pain, the skin, pain assessment methods, skin conditions ; 7. Oncology ; Staging, cancer therapy and prevention, treatment options ; 8. Gastroenterology ; The digestive system, biopsy results, discussing case history ; 9. Neurology ; Glasgow coma scale, researching head injuries, an unconscious patient ; 10. Coronary ; Giving an ECG, the circulation of blood, treatments of heart problems ; 11. Surgery ; Post-operative complications, researching a procedure, preparing the patient for surgery ; 12. Infectious diseases ; Changing a dressing, describing symptoms, barrier nursing ; 13. Renal ; The kidney, how the kidney works, organ donation, dialysis ; 14. Psychiatry ; Manifestations of mental disorders, types of suicide ; 15. Outpatients ; Common conditions treated in outpatients, appointments diary, examining a child
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