After Success: Fin-de-Siecle Anxiety and Identity

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November 1995



aeo An accessible sociological exploration of the problems affecting the majority of people living in modern societies, including the "successful" members of society. aeo Uses interviews with a diversity of successful people which provide highly articulate, vivid and memorable accounts of their lives.


Preface. 1. Introduction: Mortality, the Individual and Society. 2. Success in Shame Cultures and Guilt Cultures. 3. Managing Without Success 1960--1990. 4. Styles of Success in Business. 5. The Neurosis of Success. 6. Success--Led or Anxiety--Driven?. 7. Working for Self Identity. 8. From Hocclevea s Complaint to the Anxious Class. 9. Seeking Balance. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.


a Outstanding ... the most clarifying work of sociology Ia ve ever read ... essential.a Pat Kane, New Statesman and Society a Stimulating analysis ... the great merit of Pahla s book is that his critique of post--modernist assumptions about the self and anxiety points up this misleading conflation of the soical and the psychological, and makes him aware of the misuses of a traditiona and over--socialised conceptions of the individual.a Work, Employment and Society a A characteristically bold and provocative text ... extremely interesting.a Time and Society a One of the most stimulating and relevant works I have read for a long time.a Sociology
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