The Little Cat, the Wonderful Witch, and the Clever Mouse

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The Wonderful Witch has a dilemma; there is a clever mouse that lives in her house. Her only hope is to find a cat that is willing to help her remedy the situation. The Little Cat has no idea what adventure and excitement is in store for her when she agrees to move in with the witch! Go on a journey with this curious kitty as she flies on the witches broom from the earth to the moon helping the Wonderful Witch to clear her house of the Clever Mouse.


Residing in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lisa Marie Stuart is a cellist, composer, and author of children's books. Her well-crafted yet meaningful stories are inspired by her love for the benevolent & magical experiences of life. Using rhythmical poetic verse, she draws the reader into an enchanted realm where the characters are brought to life with imagination, humor, and charm. Being an avid hiker, much of her writing is composed from memory during her sojourns through the beautiful terrain of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
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