Battleground: The Family, 2-Volume Set

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Dezember 2008



Offers coverage of the critical issues in American culture concerning family life, such as dating, marriage, parenting, work and family, abuse, and divorce. This title includes articles that serve as a starting point for students to pursue a study of family controversies and cultural concerns.


KIMBERLY P. BRACKETT is Department Head and Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Sociology at Auburn University at Montgomery.


"This two-volume reference, edited by Brackett (sociology, Auburn U. at Montgomery), reviews contemporary contentious issues and debates concerning family life in the United States at a level accessible to advanced high school students. Eighty-two articles are presented alphabetically, from 'Abortion' to 'White Wedding Industry.' They all include cross-references and guides to further reading. The entries fall under the broad topic headings of dating and relationship formation; domestic violence; ending personal relationships; family and other institutional connections; family formation options; family work, family crises, and caregiving; fertility and sexuality in relationships; parenting and child rearing issues; relationship and marital processes; traditional marriage and its alternatives; and work and family links. In addition to the two mentioned above, examples of specific topics include arranged marriage, birth control, common law marriage, developmental disability and marital stress, elder abuse, extramarital sexual relationships, housework allocation, mail order brides, midwifery and medicalization, parenting styles, pet death and the family, prenuptial agreements, same-sex marriage, surrogacy, and transracial adoption. The second volume includes a bibliography and an index." - Reference & Research Book News
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