Theory and Educational Research: Toward Critical Social Explanation

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Most empirical researchers avoid the use of theory in their studies. This title bridges the age-old theory/research divide by demonstrating how researchers can use critical social theory to determine appropriate empirical research strategies, and extend the analytical, critical power of data gathering and interpretation.


Introduction: Critical Social Theory, Educational Research, and Intellectual Agency, Jean Anyon Part I - Theory and Explanatory Analysis 1. Critical Social Theory and the Study of Urban School Discipline: The Culture of Control in a Bronx High School, Kathleen Nolan Personal Reflection 2. Theorizing Student Poetry as Resistance to School-based Surveillance: Not Any Theory Will Do, Jen Weiss Personal Reflection 3. Theorizing Redistribution and Recognition in Urban Educational Research: 'How Do We Get Dictionaries at Cleveland?' Michael J. Dumas Personal Reflection Part II - Theorizing with Research Participants 4. Theorizing Back: An Approach to Participatory Policy Analysis, Eve Tuck Personal Reflection 5. Low-income Latina Parents, School Choice, and Pierre Bourdieu, Madeline Perez Personal Reflection 6. Queer Theory and Teen Sexuality: Unclear Lines, Darla Linville Personal Reflection Epilogue, Michelle Fine


Jean Anyon is Professor of Social and Educational Policy in the Urban Education Doctoral Program at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


"This volume scrubs the mystique off social theories, making them accessible and even agreeable to a much wider audience, thus opening up immeasurable opportunities for future creative application. As instructor and students, we could not recommend this book more highly."--International Journal of Qualititative Studies in Education 2009 "This has been a valuable book for me, and I recommend it to anyone considering using social theory in their research, particularly doctoral students."--Joseph A. Maxwell, Education Review, January 2010
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