Fight Your Dark Shadow: Managing Depression with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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Dezember 2007



A delightfully illustrated book with a clear and uplifting message for the millions of ordinary people affected by depression each year. Co-written by a long-term sufferer of depression and a leading cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) expert, this is a practical guide on what depression is and how to overcome it using CBT, the most accessible, effective, and widely used treatment of choice today. The easy-to-read text explains in layman's terms the different types of depression, the symptoms and the options you have to manage the problem and is supported by numerous colour cartoons featuring a lovable little cartoon character on his journey to control the depression beast. Highly recommended by a range of mental health professionals who use the book as an adjunct to their own therapy practice, this book is a must-have for anyone touched by depression whether in treatment or contemplating it, the family and friends who support them, and the health professionals who work with them.

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