Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI): The Power of the Well-Crafted, Well-Taught Lesson

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A proven method for better teaching, better learning, and better test scores!

This teacher-friendly book presents a step-by-step approach for implementing the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) approach in diverse classrooms. Based on educational theory, brain research, and data analysis, EDI helps teachers deliver effective lessons that can significantly improve achievement all grade levels. The authors discuss characteristics of EDI, such as checking for understanding, lesson objectives, activating prior knowledge, concept and skills development, and guided practice, and provide:
Clearly defined lesson design components
Detailed sample lessons
Easy-to-follow lesson delivery strategies
Scenarios that illustrate what EDI techniques look like in the classroom


About the Authors
1. Students Say, "I Can Do It!"
2. What Is Effective Instruction?
3. Checking for Understanding
4. Setting a Learning Objective
5. Activating Prior Knowledge
6. Teaching by Explaining, Modeling, Demonstrating
7. Presenting Content
8. Using Guided Practice
9. Closing the Lesson
10. Moving to Independent Practice
11. Putting It All Together: Creating Lessons
Appendix: What the Research Says


John Hollingsworth is president of DataWORKS Educational Research, a company originally created to use real data to improve student achievement. Although DataWORKS started by analyzing learning outcomes (test scores), it soon refocused towards analyzing learning inputs (classroom instructional practices).  DataWORKS now focuses mainly on providing staff development to schools on classroom instruction.  John is an active researcher and presenter and has published numerous articles in educational publications.  He spends much of his time on the road training teachers.


"Educators will discover proven techniques that can be implemented immediately. Teachers will be inspired as students experience success every day. These strategies work; the scores at my school prove it! Thank you Hollingsworth and Ybarra for explicitly describing real strategies that can make a difference in real classrooms!"
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