Handbook of African American Psychology

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November 2008



The purpose of the Handbook of African American Psychology is to provide a comprehensive guide to current developments in African American psychology. It is designed to present theoretical, empirical, and practical issues that are foundational to African American psychology. It synthesizes the debates in the field and research designed to understand the psychological, cognitive, and behavioral development of African Americans. The breadth and depth of the coverage in this handbook provides both foundational material and current developments. Although similar topics will be covered in this text that are included in other works, this will be the only work in which experts in the field write on contemporary debates related to these topics. Moreover, the proposed text incorporates other issues that are typically not covered in related books. The contributing authors also identify gaps in the literature and point to future directions in research, training, and practice.Features and Benefits:Renowned editors and contributors: The most well-respected and accomplished editors and authors in the area of African American psychology, and psychology in general, have come together to lend their expert analysis of issues and research in this field.Appropriate for course use: With a consistent format from chapter to chapter and sections on historical development, cutting-edge theories, assessment, intervention, methodology, and development issues, instructors will find this handbook appropriate for use with upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level classes.Unique coverage: The authors discuss issues not typically found in other books on African American psychology, such as ethics, certification, the gifted and talented, Hip-Hop and youth culture, common misconceptions about African Americans, and within-group differences related to gender, class, age, and sexual orientation.


Foreword - William E. Cross, Jr.
Introduction - Helen A. Neville, Brendesha M. Tynes, Shawn O. Utsey
Chapter 1. Foundations for an African American Psychology: Extending Roots to an Ancient Kemetic Past - Thomas A. Parham
Chapter 2. Sankofa: History of and Aspirations for Black Psychology Through the Eyes of Our Elders - M. Nicole Coleman and Adanna J. Johnson
Chapter 3. Theoretical and Conceptual Approaches to African and African American Psychology - Linda James Myers
Chapter 4. African Psychology or Sahku Sheti: An Application of the Art of Spiritual Liberation and Illumination of African People - Ezemenari M. Obasi and Anthony J. Smith
Chapter 5. Africentric Theories of African American Personality: Basic Constructs and Assessment - Kobi Kambon and Terra Bowen-Reid
Chapter 6. Assessing African-Centered (Africentric) Psychological Constructs: A Review of Existing Instrumentation - Shawn O. Utsey, Benita Belvet, and Nicole Fischer
Chapter 7. Religion and Spirituality - Jacqueline S. Mattis and Carolyn R. Watson
Chapter 8. Black Families - Harriett Pipes McAdoo and Sinead N. Younge
Chapter 9. Intimate Relationships of African Americans - Anita Jones Thomas, Rabiatu Barrie, and Brendesha M. Tynes
Chapter 10. Hip-Hop Music and Culture: A Site of Resiliency for the Streets of Young Black America - Yasser Arafat Payne and LaMar Rashad Gibson
Chapter 11. The Role of Media Use and Portrayals in African Americans' Psychosocial Development - Brendesha M. Tynes and L. Monique Ward
Chapter 12. Racism, White Supremacy, and Resistance: Contextualizing Black American Experiences - Helen A. Neville and Alex L. Pieterse
Chapter 13. African American Children?s Early Learning and Development: Examining Parenting, Schools, and Neighborhood - Iheoma U. Iruka and Oscar Barbarin
Chapter 14. Academic Motivation and Achievement of African American Youth - Cynthia Hudley
Chapter 15. African American English - Anne Harper Charity Hudley
Chapter 16. Stereotype Threat: A Review, Critique, and Implications - Claytie Davis III and Crystal Simmons
Chapter 17. Racial Identity and Peer Pressures Among Gifted African American Students: Issues and Recommendations - Donna Y. Ford and Gilman W. Whiting
Chapter 18. The Talent Quest Model and the Educating of African American Children - A.Wade Boykin and Constance M. Ellison
Chapter 19. Racial Socialization: Roots, Processes, and Outcomes - Keisha L. Bentley, Valerie N. Adams, and Howard C. Stevenson
Chapter 20. Racial Identity Development During Childhood - Dena Phillips Swanson, Michael Cunningham, Joseph Youngblood II, and Margaret Beale Spencer
Chapter 21. Racial Identity Theory: Adults - Kevin Cokley and Collette Chapman
Chapter 22. Cultural Mistrust: A Core Component of African American Consciousness - Francis Terrell, Jerome Taylor, Jeffery Menzise, and Ronald K. Barrett
Chapter 23. African American Lesbians and Gay Men: Life Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Beverly Greene
Chapter 24. Black Americans and Mental Health Status: Complexities and New Developments - Tara R. Earl and David R. Williams
Chapter 25. Psychological Health in School-Age Populations - Frank C. Worrell
Chapter 26. Conceptualizing Mental Health for African Americans - Suzette L. Speight, Sha?Kema M. Blackmon, Desmond Odugu, and J. Corey Steele
Chapter 27. Positive Psychology: African American Strengths, Resilience, and Protective Factors - A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert, Fayth M. Parks, and Sussie Eshun
Chapter 28. Behavioral and Emotional Strengths in People of African Heritage: Theory, Research, Methodology, and Intervention - Michael Canute Lambert and William K. Smith
Chapter 29. From Anxiety and Depression to Suicide and Self-Harm - Rheeda L. Walker and Lora Rose Hunter
Chapter 30. Psychosocial Aspects of Sickle Cell Disease: A Primer for African American Psychologists - Shawn M. Bediako
Chapter 31. Counseling and Psychotherapy With African Americans - Madonna G. Constantine, Rebecca M. Redington, and Sheila V. Graham
Chapter 32. Therapy With African American Men and Women - Kumea Shorter-Gooden
Chapter 33. Social and Cultural Factors in the Cognitive and Clinical Assessment of African American Adults - Deidre M. Anglin and Naa Oyo A. Kwate
Chapter 34. Drug Use Among African American Youth: Implications for Prevention - Faye Z. Belgrave, Trenette Clark, and Aashir Nasim
Chapter 35. Black Liberation Psychology and Practice - Chalmer E. Thompson and Dorienna M. Alfred
Chapter 36. African American Psychology: Trends and Future Directions - Helen A. Neville, Brendesha M. Tynes, and Shawn O. Utsey
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Shawn O. Utsey, new to the author team on this edition, is the Chair of the department of African American Studies, director of the Institute for African American Mental Health Research and Training, an editor of the Journal of Black Psychology, and an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and is the Editor of the Journal of Black Psychology.


"The book provides an excellent overview and introduction to significant contemporary research on the psychological issues encountered by the African American community. The important questions raised and the quality of the more traditional psychological research serve as a much-needed antidote to the assumptions of psychology's dominant paradigm."
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