Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom

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November 2008



'An excellent tool to help teachers address issues related to testing so that those factors do not hinder student success. With an easy format and clear, concise instructions, the book tells not only how but why.'ùJolene Dockstader, Middle School English TeacherJerome School District £261, IDPrepare students to do their best on tests!Today's educational climate demands a multitude of high-stakes, standardized tests not only to assess student achievement, but also to promote school and teacher accountability. Carolyn Chapman and Rita King help educators meet the challenge with this second edition of Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom. This research-based resource is packed with practical tips and tools needed to change attitudes about testing and improve test readiness and performance.Educators will find a wealth of useful ideas and suggestions for preparing students for tests, creating positive test environments, and helping students deal with test anxiety. The authors bridge the gap between formal test formats and the way each student learns, retains, and transfers information to tests. These techniques can be implemented in any subject across all grade levels. This second edition features strategies, activities, and tips to:Prepare students mentally, physically, and emotionally as productive test-takersCreate an optimal testing environmentHelp students attack passages and use problem solving for test successInterpret test data for strategic, customized planningPut these easy-to-implement techniques to work in your classroom throughout the year and transform each test experience into a celebration of achievement and learning.


Part I. Foreword by Robert Eaker
Part II. Acknowledgments
Part III. About the Authors
Part IV. Introduction
1. The Test Scene
2. Testing: A Word From the Experts
3. The Test-Taking Cast
4. Memory in Action: Learning the Part
5. Preparing the Performer: Internal Readiness for Tests
6. Setting the Environment for Testing
7. Test-Taking Skills and Strategies
8. Attacking Passages and Solving Problems
9. Placing Change in the Spotlight
Part V. Appendix
Part VI. References
Part VII. Recommended Reading for Test Success
Part VIII. Index


Carolyn Chapman is an international educational consultant, author, and teacher who has taught in kindergarten to college classrooms. Her interactive, hands-on professional development training sessions challenge educators to use strategies that ensure success for learners of all ages. Chapman has written many books about differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, multiple assessments, and the brain-compatible classroom. She is coauthor with Gayle Gregory of the landmark Corwin Press book Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn't Fit All.


"What makes this book stand out is the emphasis on a positive attitude toward test preparation and test taking. The strategies are easy to follow and very practical for educators. The authors are humorous and motivating, and as teachers read this book, they will have many 'me too' moments and will want to use the activities and suggestions presented."
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